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Handmade from flavor-packed Scandinavian berries. 

No artificial stabilizers, coloring or preservatives. Just fruit and #hygge.




Our gourmet pops are made from scratch using Nordic berries and fruit. Long treasured in Scandinavia where entire families go berry hunting in summer, treats such as sea buckthorn berries and cloudberry are now on culinary radars worldwide. Known as superfoods for their health benefits, these berries are low in calories and rich in nutrients and deliver deliciously intense flavor. We are thrilled to bring a taste of authentic Nordic summer to Madrid with our berry-flavored gourmet pops.



Our base recipe is simple: berries + fruit. Depending on the pop, we add carefully selected ingredients like dairy, a layer of premium chocolate or a sprinkle of nuts. We source our fruit and berry primarily from Scandinavia and from trusted local suppliers here in Madrid.

 Berries are incredibly rich in antioxidants, including vitamins, flavonoids and carotens. 


Our berries are non-GMO, where possible organic, and some, like the cloudberry and sea buckthorn, are picked in the wild. Translation: someone literally walks through the forests of Sweden and Finland plucking berries by hand.

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We stay away from stabilizers, artificial coloring and preservatives


Nordic berries are undisputed superfoods and they are as nutritious frozen as fresh. Berry-loving Scandinavians store their hand-picked supply in the freezer for a taste of summer all year-round. We buy our berries either seasonally at the market or flash-frozen, a process that locks in nutrients, flavor and, yes, freshness. 

Berries are incredibly rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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Add an authentic touch of Nordic #hygge to your next event with our delicious handmade gourmet pops. Offer your guests a refreshing and memorable treat, perfect for both private and corporate events. Our modular stand can be adjusted to fit your needs, from cozy birthdays to garden parties, conferences and weddings.

For more details call us at 611 319 711 or email events@nordikos.com.

FROM copenhagen TO MADRID

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Nordikos is more than gourmet pops—it's an expression of what we love about the Nordic lifestyle.


Husband and wife team Jacob and Vanessa wanted to bring the vibrant flavors of Nordic berries to their adopted hometown, Madrid. 

After moving to Spain from Copenhagen, they missed a place to indulge in the specialties of Jacob's native Denmark: the home-made sea buckthorn juice produced by his sister or the desserts whipped up by his mother Lise, with fruits grown in her own garden.

They pooled their talents and experience, and enlisted Lise, with her passion for Nordic food and design, to help launch Nordikos.



We're located in calle del Pez 2, just a short walk from Gran Via.

Our shop reflects our philosophy and international roots: a cozy mix of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish design elements set against the quintessentially Spanish vibe of Malasaňa. Keep cool with our gourmet pops while you take a stroll through our favorite barrio. 




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calle del Pez 2

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